Vic Patel's Advanced Elliott Wave Mastery Course

  • 12+ Hours of Video Lessons

    12+ hours of video lessons packed with clear, concise instruction on the practical application of Elliott Wave and Fibonacci in the market. It will start with the foundations and build up to the exact setups that I use.

  • Interactive Quizzes

    Test your knowledge as you progress through the different lessons within the course. These interactive quizzes will help you to re-enforce the key learning objects within each module. You'll be able to isolate concepts that you may need to review further.

  • Bonus Materials

    You'll get three premium bonuses. These bonuses are a perfect compliment to help you take action once you've finished the course. This includes an Elliott Wave Patterns Handbook, a Trading Setups Blueprint and a Trading Plan Template.

Complete Step By Step Training

  • 12+ hours of video learning packed with actionable strategies

  • Recognizing Elliott Wave Impulse and Corrective Patterns

  • Understanding The Most Important Fibonacci Relationships Among Waves

  • How To Use Supporting Technical Studies To Facilitate Wave Counting

  • Know How To Anticipate Market Turns Rather Than Reacting To Them

  • Learn My 5 Powerful Trading Setups, including Entries and Exits

  • Hone In On The Highest Probability Trade Setups Using My Filters

  • Precise Market Timing Using My Aggressive and Conservative Entries

  • Dozens of Practical Examples To Illustrate My Exact Trade Process

The Ultimate Roadmap For Trading Success

The combination of Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Analysis provides the most powerful analytical model for trading the market. Elliott Wave helps us to understand the underlying structure of the market, while Fibonacci ratios act as the mathematical fabric that bonds the entire Elliott Wave structure.

And so, by understanding the Elliott Wave Principle, you can know where the market is within the overall wave cycle. The application of Fibonacci ratios within the wave cycle provides us with an excellent market timing technique for identifying and taking advantage of critical turning points between waves.

How You Can Benefit From This Course

Are you struggling to make consistent profits in the market? Have your tried various trading techniques to no avail? Maybe you're a new trader seeking to get on the right path from the very beginning. Whatever your situation is, if you're looking for a trading strategy that provides a distinct edge, one that will help you to extract profits from the market in a consistent manner, then this course is for you.

I will provide you the "keys" to the best trading methodology that I have ever seen in my 20+ years in the market. If you're dedicated and want to achieve a high level of trading success, then this course will benefit you greatly.

Course Modules

  • 01

    Elliott Wave Foundations

  • 02

    Motive Waves

  • 03

    Corrective Waves

  • 04

    Elliott Wave Guidelines

  • 05

    Fibonacci Analysis

  • 06

    Fibonacci Ratios within the Impulse Phase

    • Combining Elliott Wave and Fibonacci

    • Fib Ratios for Wave 2

    • Fib Ratios for Wave 3

    • Fib Ratios for Wave 4

    • Fib Ratios for Wave 5

    • Quiz - Fibonacci Ratios Within Impulses

  • 07

    Fibonacci Ratios within the Corrective Phase

    • Fib Ratios for Wave A

    • Fib Ratios for Wave B

    • Fib Ratios for Wave C

    • Quiz - Fibonacci Ratios Within Correctives

  • 08

    Additional Technical Studies and Considerations

    • Optimal Timeframes

    • Multiple Time Frame Analysis

    • Dual Wave Degrees

    • 34 Period SMA

    • Quiz - Multiple Time Frame Analysis

    • Finding Key Price Levels

    • Drawing Key Price Levels

    • Quiz - Key Price Levels

    • Momentum Divergence

    • Wave Counting with Awesome Oscillator

    • Quiz - Momentum Divergence and AO

    • Self Confirmation

    • RSI Range Rules

    • Major Candlestick Patterns

    • Quiz - Candlestick Patterns

    • Fractals Indicator

    • Scheduled News Events

    • Currency Correlation

  • 09

    Vic’s Trade Setup # 1

    • Recognizing the Pattern

    • Entries, Stops, Targets

    • Trade Toolkit

    • Trade Example 1

    • Trade Example 2

    • Trade Example 3

    • Trade Example 4

    • Quiz - Vic’s Trade Setup # 1

  • 10

    Vic’s Trade Setup # 2

    • Recognizing the Pattern

    • Entries, Stops, Targets

    • Trade Toolkit

    • Trade Example 1

    • Trade Example 2

    • Trade Example 3

    • Quiz - Vic’s Trade Setup # 2

  • 11

    Vic’s Trade Setup # 3

    • Recognizing the Pattern

    • Entries, Stops, Targets

    • Trade Toolkit

    • Trade Example 1

    • Trade Example 2

    • Trade Example 3

    • Quiz - Vic’s Trade Setup # 3

  • 12

    Vic’s Trade Setup # 4

    • Recognizing the Pattern

    • Entries, Stops, Targets

    • Trade Toolkit

    • Trade Example 1

    • Trade Example 2

    • Trade Example 3

    • Quiz - Vic’s Trade Setup # 4

  • 13

    Vic’s Trade Setup # 5

    • Recognizing the Pattern

    • Entries, Stops, Targets

    • Trade Toolkit

    • Trade Example 1

    • Trade Example 2

    • Trade Example 3

    • Quiz - Vic’s Trade Setup # 5

  • 14

    Final Thoughts and Resources

    • Final Thoughts and Resources

    • Bonus # 1 - Elliott Wave Patterns Handbook

    • Bonus # 2 - Trading Setups Blueprint

    • Bonus # 3 - Trading Plan Template

Bonus Materials

  • Bonus #1

    Elliott Wave Patterns Handbook - A 36 page reference guide that details each Elliott Wave pattern and its associated rules, and guidelines, along with the best practices for implementing them.

  • Bonus #2

    Trading Setups Blueprint – A detailed blueprint and toolkit for executing each of the five trading setups revealed in the course. This includes the entry, stop loss, and target for each setup.

  • Bonus #3

    Trading Plan Template – I strongly urge all my students to create a trading plan. I'll provide my exact trading plan template that you can use to setup your trading business for success.


  • Who is this course designed for?

    This course introduces many advanced trading concepts. But it will benefit traders of all experience levels. If you are a newer trader, you will benefit by learning what works in the market at the very early stage of your trading career. If you are a more experienced trader, but have yet to find a profitable trading method, then this course will help take you to the land of consistency and profitability in the market.

  • Can I trade your strategies if I still have a full time job?

    Yes, in fact, I encourage students to focus on higher timeframe charts. You will typically find the highest probability setups occur on the relatively larger timeframes such as the 2 hour, 4 hour, 8 hour, and daily. If you are trading these timeframes then it will not take more than an hour or so a day to perform your market analysis and trade execution.

  • Which markets can I apply your methodology to?

    The beauty of Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Analysis is that the principles behind them are timeless and universal. As such, you can apply the trading methodology to any freely traded liquid market. This includes the Forex, Futures, and Equities market. I personally focus on the Forex market, but the techniques work equally well in the other markets as well.

  • What is your background in the markets?

    I am a full time independent trader. I have an intense passion for market research and trading and have over 20+ years’ experience in the market. I landed my first job as a Currency Trader in New York City in 1995. I have been an avid student of the markets ever since. Having tried just about every type of trading strategy under the sun, I was only able to find success after I started using the core concepts within Elliott Wave. Since then, I have developed a very unique way of applying these techniques in the market, which I reveal in this course.

  • Can I preview some lessons before I buy?

    Yes, we have allowed for a few of the lessons to be shown as a Free Preview so that you can get a sense of the high quality of the content and my teaching style. You can go to the Course Modules section above, and click the "Show Content" dropdown. From here you will see the full list of lessons within each module, and those that are Free Previews.

  • What is the price for the course?

    Your investment in the course is $797. The course includes over 12 hours of in-depth video training, along with periodic quizzes and other bonus materials.

Ready To Transform Your Trading?

Meet Vic Patel

Professional Trader

Do you have the desire and commitment to succeed in the financial market, but just haven't found a trading method that provides a real edge? Well if that's the case you're not alone. But the good news is that you can achieve success in the market, and deserve to achieve it. It took me literally eight to ten years, before I found success in the market. And that wasn't because I wasn't working hard or striving for it. Because I was.

It was just that I was working with the wrong strategies and models in the market. It wasn't until I started my research into Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Analysis that I experienced my A-HA moment, and one which took me from a breakeven trader to a consistently profitable one. If you want to fast track your journey to success in the market, then I wholeheartedly believe that the concepts and techniques in my course will help you get there. But you have to take the initiative. Remember, every marathon begins with that first step.

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